Responsible Store

Committed to society

We care about people

And specifically for underprivileged children, so we try to help as much as we can.

Cocowod is a partner of the LITTLE WISH FOUNDATION, where we contribute donations and allow our crossfitters to channel their donations easily.


Committed to the environment

At Cocowod we choose the garments not only for their quality but also their composition. For this reason, we prefer to pay a little more to offer materials that are as natural as possible.

Whenever we can, we select BIO organic cotton, an ethical and responsible cotton that is grown through practices that generate a minimal or low impact on the environment.

We also use an ECO polyester, where more than 50% comes from recycled fabrics.

We also use eco-friendly inks and vinyl to stamp the designs.

Committed to sustainability

If you are a customer, you may have already checked…

All our packaging, labels, and documentation are made of recycled materials.

The textile industry has become the second most polluting in the world. Millions of tons of clothing are thrown away every year, of which only 1% is recycled.

That is why we want the items you buy from us to last a long time.