To transfer your wall decal, you just need some masking tape and one helper (it’s not mandatory for the helper to be a crossfitter). The WOD time for transferring the wall decal is 10 min.

The progressions to reach the target are the following:

STEP 01. Spread out the vinyl.

If you don’t transfer the vinyl the same day that you receive the parcel, open the box and keep the vinyl as flat as possible until you decide when to transfer it.

Otherwise, there is a risk that the carrier sheet could unstick and create air bubbles, which are a pain to remove.

STEP 02.  Before transferring the vinyl to the wall, spread the roll over the floor or table and apply pressure over the design with the enclosed scraper to remove any bubbles. Press over the letters and symbols to securely adhere them to the transparent carrier sheet.

STEP 03. Place the vinyl wherever you like.

And put the masking tape in the middle of the wall decal to affix the design.

STEP 04. Now, remove about 30 cm from the carrier sheet.

Paste this part to the wall.

Roll the leftover paper (white paper) on the back side.

STEP 05. Now, when you already have the upper vinyl adhered to the wall, begin to remove the white paper in the back, little by little.

At the same time, press over the carrier sheet with the scraper against the wall.

Carry on until you remove all of the white paper and the transparent carrier sheet is totally adhered to the wall without any bubbles.

Go back to the STEP 02 and press over the letters and symbols with the scraper.

STEP 05. Begin to remove, carefully, the transparent carrier sheet.

If you see that any element (letters or symbols) isn’t properly adhered to wall (maybe is still placed in the carrier sheet), go back and press over the area again, until the element is fully pasted onto the wall.

STEP 06. The end is near. The vinyl is already pasted onto the wall.

Now, carefully, run the scraper a final time over all of the elements to adhere them definitively onto the wall.

That’s it!

You already have the inspirational CrossFit wall decal on your wall.