The Cocowod Athletes Team

We would like to introduce you to the athletes who are part of the CocoWod team.
They are excellent crossfitters, but the most important thing is that they are even better people, because whilst almost anyone can train muscle-ups, you can’t train to be a genuinely good person at the box.
All of them support us with product pictures, advice, suggestions ... in short, lending us a hand when we need it. Thank you!
You are the best, and it is a privilege to have you on our team


Alicante, Spain

Adolfo is one of our coaches at the La Almajada box. He is the one who sees the Cocowod Team struggle doing WODs, and he knows that yes, yes, there is a lot of great design and good vibes going into CrossFit and the Cocowod store, but he is an eyewitness of how we are sometimes much challenged with this sport.
Everything that Adolfo has in terms of strength and mobility, he has as a good person too. He always stays with you after class to give you advice, and he cheers you to the last rep, celebrating more than you when you finish that WOD.
The Cocowod Team usually goes to train at 9:00 p.m. On the days he’s not teaching, Adolfo trains with us - just another crossfitter in the class.
He always has a smile on his face, and this doesn't fade when he tries a PR, which he seems to do without any effort!
If there is still someone who thinks CrossFit is just a sport for tough guys or arrogant and vain people, they would have to meet Adolfo, the most careful and humble guy in a box.
Of course, everyone has a downside, and his is that his class Spotify list plays Bachata!

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Navarra, Spain

Having Ione as a Cocowod athlete is a luxury.
Ione is a nurse who also works as a coach at the CrossFit Pamplona box.
This CrossFit athlete has an impressive track record; for example, she has been among the top ten in the 2020 Open, and she has been the absolute champion of weightlifting in national competitions in 2019 and 2020.
Ione won medals competing in speed skating as a teenager and then found CrossFit. Her crossfitter clients are lucky to have her because she is a friendly and hard-working coach.
In CocoWod we love her very much. She is an inspiration and a shining example of her constant improved performance.
We’ll say it again – Ione, we are fortunate to have you with us. Thank you!

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Alava, Spain

They say that CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman in California, but it’s not true, Gorka's ancestors already did deadlift reps and back squats long ago. To talk about Gorka is to talk about a CrossFit killing machine.
Gorka is a CrossFit coach at the CrossFit Gorbeia box. Although he lifts lots of kilos, he is an expert in callisthenics, has two Olympic seminars in weightlifting, and he is a Senior Technician in Sports Activities.
When it’s very early in the morning and still very dark, at dawn, come rain or shine, Gorka opens the box and films his daily PR, uploads it to an Instagram story, and sinks the rest of us. This is Gorka.
By the way! He is also a personal trainer in mobility for a member of the CocoWod team.
Thanks, Gorka!

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Madrid, Spain

This IT engineer, digital marketing expert, who also works in an IT enterprise, is a CrossFit addict: box and more box!
Javi is like family to Cocowod. He has been there to help us from the beginning and is always willing to collaborate. He is the one who we consult with on the new designs, and he is the first to receive them, he is a steadfast member of the CocoWod team.
He is generous and polite, with a great sense of humour, just check out his Instagram...
He trains at CrossFit Tetuan, where the members of Cocowod make their drop-ins when we go to Madrid.

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Alicante, Spain

Maria is a young student of Business Administration, who entered the box thinking it was a gym. When she discovered that pull-ups can cause calluses on your hands, she dedicated herself to it... not to calluses, to the pull-ups.
Maria has a hobby - she loves to do Hero WODs. We have lost count of the ones she has done… she searches for them on the internet, and during open-box time, she does a new Hero WOD.
Maria is a member of the Cocowod team, and yes, she is a member of the family that has embarked on the adventure of selling our designs online. She, of course, trains with the Cocowod team at the La Almajada CrossFit box, although sometimes she prefers to go at different times to mix it up!
‘Our dinners together are a summary of the reps among us. Did someone say that in CrossFit you competed against yourself? Let them come to our house and see!’, says Maria.
Maria oversees Cocowod social networks, so you can put a face behind Cocowod's Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Jaen, Spain

Adrián is what is known in Spanish as a brown beast, a CrossFit beast.
All the care that he puts into working as an expert in Graphic Arts, turns into brute force when he goes to the Best Training box, where he is a certified coach.
Miguel Angel's David would like to have his abs! However, as we sell T-shirts on CocoWod, we don’t show you those amazing abs here (!!!).
Adrian is a really great guy and we also have a special love for him. He is always, always, willing to collaborate.
This athlete is scientific proof of the anti-paleo diet. His Instagram stories only have three themes: CrossFit, doing stratospheric back squats, and his meals: grilled meats, migas (a Spanish dish), tasty stews, XXL burgers ... something that the rest of us human beings who go to the box don’t consider eating. Dietetics’ mysteries…

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Surround yourself with CrossFit people. Positivity can be so contagious